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Teeth Whitening in Brighton

Teeth Whitening is the application of a whitening agent to the external surface of your teeth in order to brighten the shade.

Let’s start with a simple question: what do you expect from a whitening clinic?

Answer A: You will be informed of various whitening options given assistance in picking the most suitable one for you.
Answer B: You will go out of the clinic with noticeably whiter teeth.
Answer C: You will be able to choose from a variety of budget-friendly options.
Answer D: All of the above.

So, which was your Answer?

We hope you selected “Answer D” because at Lifestyle Smiles, we go to great lengths to ensure that your expectations will be met. We welcome you in our clinic with the sincere desire to learn what your dental issues are and how you want them to be remedied. We ask you about your concerns and evaluate your suitability for teeth whitening. We also answer each of your questions without hurrying you into making a decision or discouraging you from enquiring further.

Our team of well-trained professionals are dedicated to delivering high quality service and ensuring 100% patient satisfaction.

Our commitment to high standards of quality and integrity, as well as our modern and fully equipped facility, will guarantee you the shining and pearly white results you’ve always wanted.

At Lifestyle Smiles, we offer two Teeth Whitening treatments:

1. Take Home Whitening

Our in-house experts create whitening kits customised to your specific requirements, such as mouth size, teeth colouration and condition. We create custom trays that fit your mouth perfectly and comfortably for even and quick whitening results, as well as bleaching gels of a formulation that will whiten your teeth in 1-2 weeks.
This tailored approach makes our home whitening solution more effective compared to others that you find on the market. None of them will match the calibre of results that our professional kits can.

2. In-Chair Whitening

Also known as laser whitening, this method is the one we do in our clinic. We use Opalescence or the Zoom Teeth Whitening System to give you a dazzlingly white smile. Most patients begin to see positive results after the first visit! This quick and effective method has been proven to be safe and also comes at an affordable price.
Aside from these, we also offer a unique teeth whitening service that combines both methods in order to maintain your beautiful white teeth even after your last appointment with us.

Did you know that we are the home of “The Whitening Clinic”? We are one of the major sponsors of Miss World Australia, a charity based beauty pageant event aiming to make the world a better place. For more information, please visit

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