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Dentures in Melbourne

Dentures Melbourne

Dentures are one of the best ways to obtain a beautiful smile at a very low cost. They can be used to treat comprehensive dental concerns, such as replacing single or multiple missing teeth in the mouth.

They are often an interim temporary solution, but can also be a long term replacement for missing teeth if you don’t mind their bulkiness, or if finance is a concern.

Partial Dentures

What are Dentures?

Dentures are specially designed, removable dental prostheses that have been around for many decades as a replacement option for missing teeth. They are made from acrylic or silicone which is fitted to the shape of the patients’ gums and jaw and acts as a gum-coloured structural base for the artificial teeth which are embedded into it.

These false teeth can sit on your gums without any support, they can have clips that secure over your own remaining teeth, or they can clip onto dental implants for extra anchorage.

Dentures are usually uncomfortable to wear because they are big and bulky, and a lot of people struggle to eat properly while wearing them. For this reason, we recommend dentures as a temporary treatment and suggest patient’s consider dental implants of All on 4 Plus for a more comfortable, permanent solution to replace missing teeth.

Partial Dentures

Types of Dentures


Removable Dentures

Used for a short to medium term solution to replace missing teeth. They can made from either acrylic, which is much cheaper but bulkier, or cobalt chrome dentures, which is lighter, and more comfortable to wear, but more expensive.


Fixed Partial Dentures

Also known as a dental bridge, these provide a permanent solution to the replacement of one or more missing teeth. They consist of a ‘unit’ (usually of 3 teeth) where the two corner dental crowns take support from the adjacent teeth to replace the missing tooth space, which is substituted with an artificial tooth known as a ‘pontic.’


Implant Supported Bridge

These are the most comfortable and long lasting dentures, often used as an alternative to a fixed implant solution such as All on 4 Plus or an implant bridge. They allow you to eat an apple or a steak and function normally, without having to worry about your dentures falling out when you sneeze or talk.

Dentures Melbourne