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Impact Giving

Smiling – There are so many reasons why we should smile more in our everyday lives.

  1. Smiling makes you happier – Our facial expressions do more than communicate our current mood – they have the power to influence our mood as well! Emotions may originate in the brain, but the muscles in the face either reinforce or transform those feelings
  2. Smiling reduces stress / makes you less anxious
  3. Smiles make you more confident
  4. People who smiles are perceived as being more competent
  5. Smiles are contagious, if you smiles at someone, they’ll most likely to smiles too, and all the positive effects of smiling will be transferred to them

In dentistry we are able to help those overcome the fear of coming to a dentist; to improve their oral health; to get them out of pain, and the best part is, we get to transform smiles and potentially change their lives. However, we want to do more than that, we want to impact those who cannot reach, those who are really struggling on a day to day basis, and bring a smile to their lives.

And now, thanks to our Lifetime Partnership in the Global Giving Initiative B1G1: Business for Good, we make sure that happens. Every time we see a patient, we make sure that something great happens in our world and someone smiles.

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Warren Antonoff

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