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Dental Implants in Brighton

According to the Australian Dental Association, 15.5% of Australian adults have fewer than 21 teeth and are at higher risk of tooth loss as they get older.

For decades, the only replacement for natural teeth is a denture or a dental bridge. Dentures require replacement every two to five years on average, while a dental bridge might require retreatment once the abutments (natural teeth) holding the bridge fail.

With the advent of Dental Implants, it is a great solution to tooth loss, giving your peace of mind knowing it will stay in your mouth permanently, and the comfort of knowing you can chew on your favourite food again.

What are Dental Implants?


A dental tooth implant, which looks like a screw, is made up of titanium metal bolted to the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth. Titanium is a biocompatible metal that can resist corrosion from bodily fluids, induce osseointegration or the ability to fuse with the human bone, and has a high fatigue limit. The screw-like part of a dental implant replaces the missing tooth’s root, which provides a sturdy foundation for the replacement of one or more teeth.

Traditionally, the dentist would have had to cut the gums and expose the bone in order to place a dental implant. But here at Lifestyle Smiles, we are using a modern approach, a computer-guided dental implant, to replace missing teeth, making it fast and accurate, with minimal invasion, reducing the surgery time, helping you restore your smile as quickly as possible.

tooth implant

Computer-Guided Dental Implants

This new technology is the most advanced method for placing our Brighton Dental Implants. The computer program will utilise x-ray images, cone-beam CT images, and impressions into a 3D model of your jaw. We will then be able to visualise the placement of Dental Implants and determine their optimum position with a high degree of accuracy that is customised uniquely for every patient. A fabricated surgical guide will enable the dentist to place the tooth implant precisely in the location at the angulation and depth according to the plan.

What this means to you is that a computer-guided dental implant can be completed in the shortest time possible, so you can get on with life, eat the food that you always love, and smile with confidence.

Jonathan V.

Been a while since I have been greeted with a smile, so we were off to a good start. I felt at ease the whole time I was there for my teeth whitening. The team was checking up on me, kept me informed on each part of the process to ensure I felt comfortable. Work done was some of the best I’ve experienced. Highly recommended – 5 Stars!

Jonathan V.

Why are Dental Implants needed?

You may consider having Dental Implants if you need to replace one or more teeth that have been removed due to tooth decay, gum problems, or any other mouth disease. Here are some of the cases wherein a Dental Implant might be suitable for you:

Single Edentulism

You have one tooth missing in between healthy adjacent teeth. You have an option to replace it with a dental bridge or a dental implant – which won’t require reshaping of the remaining teeth. A single dental implant is ideal if you would want to keep the stability of your remaining natural teeth.

Multiple Teeth Missing

You have back teeth (molars) or a few missing teeth. Typically, if you have a long span of missing teeth, one way to replace them is with a removable partial denture. On the other hand, if you want something permanent, an implant-retained denture is an excellent option to consider.

Completely Missing Dentition

If all your teeth in the upper or lower jaw are lost, and you do not want to wear a complete removable denture, consider having an implant-retained complete denture, also known as All-Teeth-On-4. We don’t need to replace each missing tooth with a separate dental implant. Instead, you may only need two to six implants to replace the entire arch of teeth.

Benefits of our Dental Implants

Decreased Risk of Root Canal Problems to Remaining Natural Teeth

A Dental Bridge requires reshaping of adjacent teeth, which will remove a considerable amount of tooth structure with a higher likelihood to develop tooth decay. Whereas dental implants don’t need to reshape remaining teeth.

Decreased Risk of Tooth Decay

A dental implant restores normal tooth contact with your remaining teeth, which improves the ability to clean the sides of it such as flossing.

Improved Aesthetics

A Dental Implant can replicate the appearance of your natural teeth.

Prevents Shrunken Jaw Appearance

If you lose a tooth, the bone around the hole will start to degenerate, which can affect the shape of your jaw. This is called a shrunken jaw. As a consequence of a shrunken jaw, you may appear older. In contrast, placing a Dental Implant stimulates bone growth and preserves the loss of more bone.

Improved Function

Unlike a removable denture, a Dental Implant is fixed and will not be dislodged, which makes it easier to speak and chew.

Convenience and Durability

You don’t need to remove dental implants to clean them, unlike removable dentures. Also, it can last for several years, or even a lifetime, when taken care of properly.

Some of Our Brighton Dental Implant Patients’ Transformations

Can Everyone Get Them?

Yes, almost all patients requiring replacement of missing teeth can have Dental Implants. However, healthy gums are a prerequisite for placing Dental Implants. Therefore, someone with gum problems would have to undergo supplementary treatments which require strict compliance with dental appointments and home oral hygiene care.

In addition, persons with serious illnesses such as cancer, blood disorders, nerve problems, and uncontrolled Diabetes need further assessment for placement of Dental Implants, as well as patients under 18 years old due to incomplete development of their bones.

Computer-Guided Dental Implants in Lifestyle Smiles

Welcome to the world of computer-guided Dental Implant placement! It is currently the most advanced placement of dental implants with the shortest amount of surgery time. Computer-guided Dental Implant placement consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Making A Virtual Model & 3D Scan

It all starts with creating a virtual model of your existing teeth and gums. In most cases, we will create an initial cast model of your jaw using dental impression materials. Then, we will take x-ray images and Cone-Beam CT scans of your jaw. All images are combined using a computer program to create a 3D model of the jaw. The dentist will be able to analyse all the structures since the virtual model can be rotated, measured, and they can even practice the placement of a “virtual” dental implant.

Using the 3D model, we will create a precise guide for the implant surgery, which allows us to pre-manufacture a set of replacement teeth that will fit precisely in your jaw. Also, using CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Manufacture), we will generate the physical objects needed for the Dental Implant placements such as a surgical guide and the prosthetic teeth.

Phase 2: Dental Implant Placement

Once the plan is finalised, you will be scheduled for your dental implant treatment. We will use the fabricated dental implant guide to position the Dental Implant into your jaw bone accurately. Depending on your case, the new crown may be attached the same day to your Dental Implant, or after a healing period of 6 to 12 weeks. Usually, we wait for osseointegration before placing your final restoration (crown or denture).

Phase 3: Restoration

After 3-6 months, we will take a series of x-rays to confirm the osseointegration of the Dental Implant and jaw bone. If osseointegration is satisfactory, we will be placing your final restoration (crown or denture) to your Dental Implant.

Caring for Dental Implants?

dentist showing patient dental implants

 Your dental implant requires a meticulous oral hygiene routine at home just like your natural teeth. Flossing is vital to maintaining your Dental Implants. You may use traditional floss, super floss, or even water flossers to reduce plaque formation around the Dental Implant.

Smoking is strictly prohibited before and after the placement of Dental Implants to prevent developing inflammation.

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Are you looking for a tooth implant specialist in Brighton?


Lifestyle Smiles front desk

You’re in good hands with Lifestyle Smiles! Our team of Dental Implant professionals are happy to answer any questions and provide the best service possible for you and your family.

Call us now or complete the form below and one of our friendly team members will be in touch to help you organise your appointment.

Joanne H.

Great experience! Dr Warren is a great dentist who is gentle and really experienced. He has a great bedside manner that puts patients at ease!

Joanne H.

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.

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