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5 Reasons Why Creating a Hollywood Smile Is Actually Cheaper?
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Hi, My name is Dr Warren Antonoff, I’m the principal dentist of Lifestylesmiles at Brighton in Melbourne. The Hollywood smile makeover! Whiter, brighter! That’s the hopes and dreams of many people, and in some ways, it’s the ultimate transformation to improve your smile. But what a lot of people don’t realise, is that creating ultra-white smiles is actually alot easier, and cheaper to do, than re-creating your own natural teeth. So let’s explore why that is the case…

Teeth are meant to be translucent – When you look at natural teeth, the outer layer of the tooth, also called the enamel, is actually translucent, not white. And the natural-ness comes from the fact that the underlying layers of the tooth can actually shine through the enamel. But when you are creating a Hollywood smile, the whiteness totally overpowers everything, there is no layer, no depth. And therefore it’s actually a lot easier and quicker to make really white teeth because you don’t have to worry so much about what’s underneath.
It’s a lot easier to get the colour right when you’re doing 10 teeth, than just 1 or 2 teeth. Matching 1 tooth at the front is so much more technically demanding than doing 10 teeth at a time. When you’re matching just one tooth, you need to worry about all the anatomical variations and the characteristics of the tooth next door. Which takes meticulous work and excellent communication from both the dentist and the dental technician to get it perfect.
Hollywood smiles are usually super smooth. Natural teeth are actually not smooth. Natural teeth have lumps and bumps which light bounces off and creates different visual effects. So it’s actually really easy for the dental technician to make a super smooth surface, because it’s actually, a lot less work.
Natural translucent veneers need to be super thin. We are talking about porcelain that can be less than 0.5mm in thickness. So it’s actually more technically demanding to produce something so delicate compared to a thick piece of white tile.
All established dental technicians can make Hollywood smile, it’s actually not rocket science. But not many are good at making natural smiles or natural teeth that blend in with the rest of your smile. So for those rare master dental technicians, who are on top of their game, they actually charge a lot for their services.

So now you understand what is involved in creating the “Hollywood Smile”, would you still want one? Here at Lifestyle Smiles, we have created thousands of smiles, whether Hollywood smiles that stop traffic, or natural smiles that reflect and enhances the patient’s unique characteristics, we would love to help. Simply complete the form on the website, give us a call, or send us a direct message on social media, and we will help you organise your appointment. See you in the next video.

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Great experience! Dr Warren is a great dentist who is gentle and really experienced. He has a great bedside manner that puts patients at ease!

Joanne H


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Great experience! Dr Warren is a great dentist who is gentle and really experienced. He has a great bedside manner that puts patients at ease!

Joanne H


Dr Warren Antonoff is the best dentist we’ve ever worked with, the clinic is clean with friendly staff. Waiting time was short, and the care taken into his work is top-notch. Will be using Lifestyle Smiles for the years to come.

Rick Y


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