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Dental Technology

At Lifestyle Smiles we are passionate about innovation and latest technology. We have invested heavily to bring in the best because our patients deserve the best.

3 Shape Digital Scanner

The most accurate and state of the art digital scanner in the world! Not only is this a much more comfortable impression technique to our patients, instant transfer of electronic records to our dental lab also make communication much easier.

If you are a grinder or a clencher, we can now take digital records to see if you grind your teeth or not over time! If you are gagger, you can now finally rest at ease.

Digital X-ray and Cone Beam CT

With our own Digital X-ray, we are able to immediately create precise and true dental diagnoses, without sending you away to a radiology clinic. Our Sirona Orthophos SL is a dream for all dental clinics, this will allow us to capture clear and high quality OPG, CBCT’s, Lateral Cephalometic images for your Invisalign, Implant, Smile makeover and Orthodontic planning, as well as identifying further aspects of your oral health.

Philips ZOOM! Whitening System

The Philips ZOOM! Whitening system is the most in demand whitening system worldwide.

We offer the options of in chair whitening or take home kits at affordable prices.

Digital Photography

Our passion for teeth extends out to the best in photography. We record every stage with digital imaging and photography. This will enable patients to fully understand their existing condition and the treatment plan proposed. The crispy clear images of digital photography will bring the best out of our highly trained dental professionals, to ensure you are amazed with your results.