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Thinking About a Smile Makeover?

Dr Warren Antonoff

Dr. Warren Antonoff

In this month’s Teeth Talk issue, Principal Dentist Dr. Warren Antonoff, shares with us his experience with helping thousands of patients achieve their ideal smile.

It is quite natural for one to covet those megawatt smiles celebrities flash – they have some of the most photogenic and snap-worthy pearly whites. After all, it is part of their job to appear attractive to their audiences.

However, many of these popular personalities are not born with a fantastic set of teeth. Tom Cruise and David Beckham are some examples of celebrities who needed a smile makeover to match their fame and reputation.

The fact that many of today’s stars didn’t start with a perfect set should give you the assurance that you too can have the same mega-watt smile as your favourite public personality. By simply improving your teeth, you do your appearance (and your confidence) a big favour.


There are many ways of turning your smile around. We offer a wide selection of treatments at Lifestyle Smiles:

  • Veneers This involves bonding your teeth with a very thin layer of dental porcelain or composite veneer in order to hide chipped and stubbornly discoloured surfaces or eliminating gaps. This can also be used to correct or reshape teeth. This is a popular option for celebrities as it can give their incisors that instant white, shiny dental glory and even align their teeth.
  • Crowns If your set has a large cavity or is pretty eroded, give it a royal treatment by having caps bonded on the topmost portion of your dental enamel. This option can also mask the appearance of stained teeth. The crowns act like socks or jackets covering a specific body part in order to protect or conceal some unflattering or vital aspect of it.
  • Teeth Straightening and Alignment Crooked, protruding, crowded teeth are unflattering – even when bleached a brilliant white. As such, having uneven tooth length filed away or filled and gaps and misaligned incisors corrected with braces help bring your pearly whites to the right position and keep your audience from getting distracted by your dental situation.
  • Teeth Whitening You can have this done via laser, which is quick, or via whitening gels, which may take about 2-3 weeks to show results. The former involves laser beams activating the whitening substance placed onto your tooth enamel. The latter involves a kit that you can use at home or by a dental professional in a clinic setting.

Have you settled on which procedure(s) you want to undergo with your smile makeover? Or perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed with the many choices and considerations? Our qualified dentists would be delighted to help you here. Simply Book an Appointment today to receive a personalised and comprehensive Smile Assessment Consultation (normally valued at $299).

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