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Should I Get Porcelain or Composite Veneers?
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Hi, my name is Dr Warren Antonoff, I’m the principal dentist of Lifestylesmiles here at Brighton Melbourne. Yesterday a new patient Brad from Hampton asked me, what are the main differences between Porcelain and composite veneers? And which one should I get? So I thought I’d make a short video discussing the major differences and indications of when to choose porcelain veneers, and when to choose composite veneers?

First of all, every dental procedure has pros and cons. Just because porcelain veneers cost more than composite veneers, it doesn’t mean you should go for porcelain every single time.
From a material point of view, porcelain is stronger, it lasts longer, so naturally, it should be the material of choice right? Not always. You see, everything will break one day… nothing lasts forever, so if you have saved up a lot of money to fix both your top and bottom teeth, but want to ensure that the maintenance moving forward is as low as possible in the next 10-20 years, then it may or may not be wise to do everything in porcelain.
On the same topic, because porcelain is so strong, it can also wear down the opposing teeth in the long term, if you don’t manage the underlying conditions properly. So the more expensive option may not be better depending on your clinical situation.
On the other hand, Composite veneers are cheaper but the average lifespan of composite veneers are shorter. Typically, they can stain over time and require replacement every 5-8 years. So if optimal aesthetics and longevity are really important for you, then porcelain veneers are possibly the better solution in the long term.
Another factor to consider is probably the health of your teeth. If your teeth are not in great shape, it might not be a worthwhile investment to do porcelain veneers because you may lose them in the near future. On the other hand, if you’re worried about porcelain wearing down your opposing teeth in the long term, but still want the advantages of maximum aesthetics, sometimes we do porcelain veneers on the outside, and composite veneers on the inside, this way when you start chewing, you will preserve the health of your own teeth in the long term.
So as you can see, choosing the right cosmetic option may not be as simple as you think. There are many factors to consider before we can make the right choice to fit the condition of your teeth, your budget and your aesthetic requirements.

If you are looking at upgrading your smile with dental veneers, we would love to help. We have done thousands of veneers over the years. Simply complete the form on the website, give us a call, or send us a direct message on social media, and we will help you organise your appointment. See you in the next video.

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Great experience! Dr Warren is a great dentist who is gentle and really experienced. He has a great bedside manner that puts patients at ease!

Joanne H


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Great experience! Dr Warren is a great dentist who is gentle and really experienced. He has a great bedside manner that puts patients at ease!

Joanne H


Dr Warren Antonoff is the best dentist we’ve ever worked with, the clinic is clean with friendly staff. Waiting time was short, and the care taken into his work is top-notch. Will be using Lifestyle Smiles for the years to come.

Rick Y


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