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Inman Aligner in Brighton

With the Inman Aligner, it is possible to straighten your teeth in 10 weeks without using traditional braces.

This cleverly simple yet effective device can help you get the same results that standard braces give – without having to endure 2 years (or even beyond!) of discomfort. Within 6-16 weeks, you’ll get that straight and confident smile you have always wanted using this wonderful removable device.

We at Lifestyle Smiles are committed to help you get the results you want in the quickest time possible, without sacrificing quality and satisfaction. We let you explore other options available and discuss with you their various pros and cons in order to help you arrive at a solution you are most comfortable with.

When you hear all about the Inman Aligner, you will be excited about this safe, efficient, and budget-friendly alternative and will want to see whether you can use this device to correct your particular bite.

What is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is simply made up of nickel titanium coil springs and aligner bows. Together, these push each other gently at opposing forces, making teeth go into their new and correct position. This squeezing effect remains engaged even over wide range of movement – which is why this device is so effective and gives quick results!

What is involved?

Our dentist will assess your teeth and collect an impression of it so that he has something to base your very own brace on. After that comes the eventual fitting and use of the device.

Aside from this, you need to commit to doing regular visits in order to check on the progress of your bite correction.

Do you know that not just any dentist are certified to provide treatment using the Inman Aligner? You should ensure that the one you choose is duly certified. Here at Lifestyle Smiles, we can assure you that our own in-house specialist is certified in this procedure.

Do you want to have that beautiful smile fast? Do you want to banish that crooked, gapped, protruding, or crowded teeth in weeks? Get the results you want with the Inman Aligner at Lifestyle Smiles!