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Guided Implant Surgery in Brighton

Guided Implant Surgery helps to produce a longer lasting and stronger dental implant by using customised implant guides designed to suit the specific patient.

What is guided implant surgery?

With any form of surgery, there are risks involved. Traditionally, dental implants are placed by hand-eye co-ordination. Even the most experienced dentist cannot place a dental implant perfectly where he wants to. Using the latest technology, we will digitally plan out exactly where your implants will go, and make you a customised implant guide. This way, there’s no more guesswork and you can be sure that your dental implants are placed in the perfect position.

What are the advantages of guided implant surgery?

  • Your implants will last longer because their position is better (especially when doing multiple implants, their position can now be placed perfectly parallel)
  • Reduces the chance of “errors” by even the most experienced dentist
  • More comfortable procedure because we don’t need to cut you gum open so there’s no stitches
  • Cleaner and quicker surgical procedure
  • Better healing and less post operative discomfort

What does it involve?

All we need is an extra mould of your teeth, we’ll take care of the rest.

How much does the surgery guide cost?

Depending how much teeth are involved, Surgical guides start at $500, and $200 extra for each additional implant – an affordable way to get the perfect result.