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How to Fix a Broken Tooth

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A broken or chipped tooth can be a traumatic experience. Aside from the pain, it can be a source of stress and worry about the cost of repair. Teeth are one of the only parts of our body that does not regenerate. So if you break or crack a tooth, it will not heal by itself like a wound or a scratch.

But don’t worry – a broken tooth can often be fixed with the help of a dentist. In this article, we will discuss how to fix a broken tooth and provide tips from our principal dentist, Dr Warren, on the best way to repair it.

What causes a chipped tooth?

There are many ways to break a tooth, but some of the most common reasons for a chipped tooth are:

  • Clenching or Grinding – This happens if you grind your teeth (bruxism) or rub your teeth against each other, or against opposing dental work during the day or when you are asleep.
  • Falling – A fall can cause a break or chip to a tooth.
  • A blow to the mouth – This can cause a tooth to chip or crack since the mouth has very little soft tissue to absorb the energy of the impact.
  • Extra force when brushing or flossing – This is more common that you think but using a hard tooth brush and brushing as hard as you can will cause more damage than good. Excessive brushing over time can cause your tooth to be worn away (Abrasion). This often occurs with people who haven’t seen a dentist for a long time and they think brushing more will be good enough to prevent any dental problems. 

How to tell if your tooth is broken

Common signs of a broken tooth include pain when biting down, increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, a visible crack or chip in the tooth, sharp edges around your tooth, and discolouration of the tooth.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible for an evaluation. Your dentist will be able to diagnose the issue using X-rays or other imaging to determine if a tooth is chipped or cracked. They can also look for any signs of infection, which can lead to further complications if left untreated.

Remember, it is important to visit a dentist right away if you suspect that you have a chippeed tooth. By seeking treatment early, you can prevent any further damage and restore your tooth to its proper condition.

Tips on how to take care of a cracked tooth

Depending on the severity of your chipped tooth, you may need to book an emergency dentist appointment to have it treated right away. If you’re unable to see a dentist right away, below are a few tips to help you avoid further damage to your tooth.

  • Don’t chew on your broken tooth, and avoid eating hard or gritty foods which can cause further damage and lead to an infection or other issues.