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Sleep Dentistry near Windsor

Sleep Dentistry near WindsorLifestyle Smiles proudly offer friendly and professional dental sedation services to the Windsor and surrounding communities.

Are you consistently anxious when it comes to dentist’s appointments, even if it’s for a porcelain veneer? Do you have dental phobia especially where root canal treatments are concerned?

Have no fear! At Lifestyle Smiles, you will get your dental issues resolved without having to stress yourself out.

How We Do It

Our clinic is equipped with a variety of comforts and relaxing components that will help make your appointment with us a breeze.

No, we do not use a general aesthetic to make you snooze through your treatment. We offer a special dental sedation procedure that will have you slide into a deeply relaxed state, enabling you to have painless and anxiety-free treatments.

Some of the sedation options we offer are Penthrox and nitrous oxide, which are very effective for easing discomfort and relieving anxiety. These are the preferred options because patients are more able to recover quickly and resume their normal activities after using them.

What happens is that you will be conscious the whole time but remain “mentally detached” from the situation. And, before you know it, the procedure is over and done!

Who Can Be Sedated

Intravenous dental sedation is suitable for patients aged 12 to 70 years old who are in good health. It is safe for children.

Pre-Treatment Process

Our team at Lifestyle Smiles provides safe and gentle care to all patients, making them feel very special. Whether you are in our clinic for a dental crown, implant, porcelain veneer, or a root canal procedure, we give you the same patient care and seek to help you make your appointment a relaxing one.

Before you go on the dentist’s chair, we will arrange a meeting between you and our dental sedation professional. This is your opportunity to ask questions and clarify any doubts or concerns about the upcoming procedure. You will be informed of what will happen on the day of your treatment and will be subjected to a complete medical assessment.

We will also give you a copy of the dental sedation details, as well as the instructions sheets that were discussed with you during your private consultation.

Contact Lifestyle Smiles for a Dental Sedation appointment near Windsor.