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Customer Experience Survey

To maintain our commitment to deliver the best dental experience to our patients, we have prepared the following digital survey. It contains 11 short-answer questions which should take 2-5 minutes to complete.

Q1: How did you first hear about us?*
Social Media (e.g. Facebook)Search Engine (e.g. Google)Digital Directory (e.g. Yellow Pages)Word of MouthPassing ByInsurance CompanyRadio AdCommunity NewsletterOther (please specify below)

Q2: How long have you been a patient with Lifestyle Smiles?*
I'm a new patient (never visited your clinic before)Less than 1 year1-2 years3-4 years5-9 years10+ years

Q3: What made you choose Lifestyle Smiles?* (Please select all that apply)
Great serviceLocationQuality of workFriendly staffPriceLatest dental technologyReviews from other patientsOther (please specify below)

Q4: How often do you visit the dentist?*
QuarterlyEvery 6 monthsYearlyOnly when I experience painOther (please specify below)

Q5: How do you rate us in the following areas? (Please select a rating for each item)
Location of our clinic*
Opening hours*
Friendliness of staff*
Skill of Hygienist and support staff*
Skill of your Dentist*
Pain management*
Cost of treatments*
Handling of insurance claims*
Providing you with information about your dental care*
Your treatment options being explained well*
Informing you of new treatments and technologies we provide*

Q6: In which areas does our staff make you feel comfortable?* (Please select all that apply)
ConvenienceOrganisationMaking you feel specialValueFinancial arrangementsHygiene treatmentUnderstanding of our sterilisation practicesWaiting timeServiceManagement of discomfortQualityCommunicationOther (please specify below)

Q7: Would you recommend your friends or family to Lifestyle Smiles?*
Yes, definitelyNoMaybe (please specify below)

Q8: What is the best way to communicate with you our new services and promotions?* (Please select all that apply)
EmailNewspaper adMailPhone callText message (to mobile phone)Other (please specify below)

Q9: Which dental treatment(s) interest you?* (Please select all that apply)
Cosmetic DentistryTeeth WhiteningTeeth Straightening (aka Orthodontics)Dental RestorationVeneersDenturesCrowns & BridgesGuided Implant SurgeryInvisalignInman AlignerDental SedationSame-day Dental RestorationOther (please specify below)

Q10: Is there something we could do to say "thank you" for referring family and friends to our clinic?* (please select all that apply)
No need to do anythingTickets to a sporting eventGift certificate to local restaurantDiscount off dental servicesGift certificate to local salonGift certificate for dental servicesFree dental hygiene productsOther (please specify below)

Q11: Is there anything else we could do to improve your dental experience with us?

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